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« am: Oktober 23, 2012, 11:19:28 Vormittag »
THIS ist for our friends from Hpathy.com. We would enjoy to have you link to our contest here.
This story ist one of already three (more to come) about the rising star Homer Patson - the new Sherlock Holmes of Homeopathy ;D
I quickly translated this story, there might some error...but that can be switched.

(wer das hier nicht versteht lese hier worum es geht: http://e-vidia.de/heilpraktikerforum/index.php/topic,8194.0.html)

Happy Halloween with Rufus & Homer

Every year in late October he was grabbed by the same ritual. For him it was almost an obsession: "I must masquerade myself!" Rufus Tock could not help himself against that fixed idea. It came over him and made him extremely restless.

Last year it started again: "What should I wear?", "What fancy dress is scary enough?" - This all fired  on 29th of October 2011 through the head of the otherwise rather shy Rufus. He could still remember that day very well, because it was the day, when he had noted for the first time in his life a vesicular rash on his skin. A rash that itched and at the same time stabbed and burned. It lasted three days and it had amazed him that he felt better after each hot shower.

Rufus was restless. He wondered if he would come up again this year with such a great costume, as the year before. It made him nervous. And then there was also this damp cold - Rufus hated the wet October. He was a farmer and the country did not ask if the weather was good. The land had to be cultivated - whether rain, wet, cold, sun and drought ... And every morning he took during those cold, wet days more start-up time to overcome his pain. He felt himself lame, stiff, the joints cracked and hurt. His only consolation was that it would be better during the day. Movement! Movement was what did it really well.

And even now with these questions turning around in his head how he would find this year's Halloween fancy dress, he noticed how he moved from one leg to the other. He was unable to relax. He had to move. And the nights before Halloween, were not pleasant. He was scared - there was this concern. This anxiety that came up really only at night. At night, when he lay in bed and unable to relax.

Finally it was Halloween! Rufus got ready, dressed up. He was happy and looked forward to the evening. Before he closed the door, he rubbed a further 3 times over the doorknob. A ritual he kept when he left the house - it brought him luck. When arrived at the party the fear crept up in Rufus ... he had forgotten his drinks at home. Rufus took a deep breath and was glad when he saw his best friend Homer Patson. Homer was, as always, almost not to identify in the crowd. It was as if he was going to be one with the people around him. He looked so similar and yet so different.

Rufus went to Homer and saluted him. He knew that his friend would do him good. He took the water, which Homer gave him, drank it, and looked at his friend questioningly. Homer only smiled and said "let's celebrate, Rufus - you have not been poisoned, your tearing pains are tomorrow's history and also the itching will cease soon".
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